fluidized bed ballotinic process中文意思是什麼

fluidized bed ballotinic process解釋

  • fluidized: 流化的
  • bed: n 1 床,床鋪;床位,鋪;(動物的)窩;〈比喻〉安樂窩,墳墓;床墊;睡眠;就宿。2 婚姻,夫婦關系。3...
  • process: n 1 進行,經過;過程,歷程;作用。 2 處置,方法,步驟;加工處理,工藝程序,工序;製作法。3 【攝影...

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  1. This kind of device effect fine, specially offer to heat power plant use for such as fluidized bed furnace, coal powder pipe line, furnace negative pressure and flue negative pressure measuring to blow continually, as to prevent coal powders and bacco ashes stop up the sampler, ensure automation instrument of power plant normally running and production security

  2. Influence of calcium oxide on tar cracking in freeboard of fluidized bed

  3. Study on the sawdust air gasification in a pressurized fluidized bed

  4. Bed temperature and mainstream pressure are important parameter of circulating fluidized bed boiler ( cfbb ) combustion control system. to maintain them normal is key to the stable and economic operation of cfbb

  5. Analyses of rheological properties of coal - water mixture for pressurized fluidized bed combustion