fly wheel momentum中文意思是什麼

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  • fly: vi (flew flown )1 飛 (about away forth off out) 飛行;駕駛飛機,坐飛機旅行。2 飛跑;(時間等...
  • wheel: n 1 輪,車輪;輪狀物。2 〈口語〉腳踏車;【造船】艙輪;(汽車的)方向盤,駕駛盤;(制陶)轉盤;紡...
  • momentum: n. (pl. momentums, -ta ) 【物理學】動量;【火箭】總沖量;〈口語〉惰性;勢頭;要素,契機。 the momentum of attack 進攻的銳氣[頸頭]。

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  1. The device for smoothing out the pourer impulses from the engine is the fly wheel.

  2. When a man feel that there are a momentum pushing him to fly, he should never creep in the ground

  3. Mode 4 ( deploy wheel ) and mode 6 ( deploy paddles ) are one - offs, mode 4 having the purpose of spinning up the wheel to shift the stabilizing momentum spin from the body of the craft to the wheel, and mode 6 having the purpose of deploying the solar paddles

    模式4 (部署轉輪)以及模式6 (部署輪翼)只會被執行一次,模式4的目的是展開轉輪使得從航空器主體到轉輪的動量轉軸能夠趨于穩定,而模式6的目的是展開太陽能輪翼。
  4. Specifications features : the lock the fly - wheel and injection - pump pulley when changing timing chain or carrying repairs

    用途:對o t正時mark位,請看參考圖片。
  5. He was only a fly on the wheel