flypast exercise中文意思是什麼

flypast exercise解釋

  • flypast: 1. 立交橋。2. (閱兵時的)空中分列式。
  • exercise: n 1 (精力等的)運用,使用;實行;執行。2 演習,操練;訓練;〈常 pl 〉運動,體操。3 習題,練習,...

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  1. He had not an adequate arena for the exercise of his talents.

  2. This division continued to exercise the admiralty jurisdiction.

  3. Tin hau seven sound works spread out in vario us parts of the city, creating sound - full air pockets in our densely populated sound environment. anson mak presents sonic meditation exercise i, which plays on the geographies of sound sources to reveal the phenomenon of urban segregation

    由七位具十年以上聲音經驗的藝術家組成六個關于聽外(界)和聽內(心)的聲音作品,以喃喃細響打斷城市的底聲流(汽車引擎,冷氣磨動,商場的背境音樂) ,讓我們在擠逼的聲境重拾聽覺的敏銳。
  4. Effect of early exercise on rehabilitation patients with ami

  5. Research on changes of the nitric oxide synthase - positive neurons in medial cortical amygdaloid nuclei of rats under stress of exercise - induced fatigue