focusing performance中文意思是什麼

focusing performance解釋

  • focusing: 調整焦距
  • performance: n. 1. 執行,實行,履行;完成;實現;償還。2. 行為,動作,行動;工作。3. 性能;特性。4. 功績;成績。5. 演奏;彈奏;演出;(馴獸等的)表演;把戲。6. 【物理學】演績。

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  1. Focusing on the preparation process of lithium battery, thermal polymerization process of the gpe and optimizing the component of the gel electrolyte, the paper intends to resolve some of the key problems mentioned above and to prepare a gplb with good performance

  2. The bright, high - performance viewfinder features a glass pentaprism and a spherical acute matte focusing screen, with 0. 9x magnification for easy framing. dynax slr series intuitive controls include separate top - mounted dials for exposure mode and exposureflash compensation settings, as well as a white balance dial

  3. In chapter 4, the performance of asynchronous systems with multilevel spreading codes based on periodical repetition of quantized chaotic time series is presented, focusing on the ds - cdma systems. some computer simulations for four kinds of chaos - based sequences are given to examine the results that chaos - based sequences outperform the classical spreading sequences ( maximum - length and gold sequences ) and the chaos - based sequences from the chevbyshev maps ( k = 3, 7, 11 ) is the best among them. as the result of these optimization effort, two design means toward sequences optimization are obtained, in which one is based on the entropy theory, the other is on minimizing the average possible error

    3 、本文的第四章分析了混沌序列的各種統計特性,著重研究混沌序列作為混沌擴頻序列在ds ? cdma系統中的抗擾性能,對不同的混沌擴頻序列和典型的擴頻序列進行了模擬,從模擬結果中可知,混沌擴頻序列的性能可以與典型的擴頻序列媲美,經過優化設計的混沌序列特性優于典型的擴頻序列;在混沌序列中, chebyshev混沌序列( k等於3 . 7 . 11 … …時)是最佳序列之一。
  4. Facing the challenges brought by e - commerce and china ' s accession to the wto, haier began a management restructuring program in 1998 backed by the efficient haier market - chain system and order process performance, focusing on improved information dissemination for contract performance, logistics, capital investment, after - sales services and inventory and operation cost reduction

  5. And the process of creating learning enterprises should follow : " starting from the tiny change ", " focusing on developing factors and paying more attention to restrictive factors " and " driving the learning circulation ". finally, the practicing ways of creating learning enterprises may be appraised by the criterions of individual achievements, strengthening the relationships among the people who want to create the learning enterprises and improving the organization ' s performance