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  • following: adj 1 接著的,其次的。2 後面的;以下的,下述的。3 【航海】(風)後面吹來的;(潮水)後面涌來的。n...
  • shot: adj 1 打[發射]出去的;被射中的;發了芽的。2 〈美俚〉壞得不能再使用的;註定要失敗的。3 【紡織;印...

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  1. It is proved by the following representations : the small proportion of bancassurance premium to total premium and revenues of the bank, the big gap of operation scale and developing speed, the similar products between different insurers, the single sale means, the aboil competition in price, the low operation level, the weak speciality of the bank salesmen and lack of after - service

  2. The author conceptualized and measured the following variables : time perspective ; the coping style ; reduced harm internet use self - efficacy ; positive peer involvement ; moderate parents involvement ; the totality of internet use and the score of functions. after the research used the structure equation model ( sem ) to fit the collected data, the following pathways were demonstrated at the significant level : 1, the time perspective present ( tpp ) piu. 2, tpp abreaction piu

    通過時間透視、應對策略、減少傷害性的網際網路效能感、積極同伴捲入、適度父母捲入、網路(使用)總量、功能分數的界定與測量,該研究使用結構方程模型擬和數據后發現下列路徑對piu具有明顯的預測作用:現在定向piu ;現在定向發泄piu ;現在定向問題解決piu ;現在定向同伴捲入piu ;現在定向同伴捲入功能分數piu ;未來定向問題解決piu ;未來定向父母捲入piu ;未來定向發泄piu 。
  3. The following screen shot catches all of the connection properties

  4. For the following training tutorial, we have used tracks of extraterrestrial particles that were captured in the odce collector on the russian space station mir, and tracks of submicron dust particles shot into aerogel at 20 km / sec using a van der graaf dust accelerator in heidelberg, germany

  5. The following algorithms are proposed : 1. an algorithm of shot segmentation is proposed. firstly, the data in each frame is quantized in hsv model ; then based on histogram of each frame, the difference of adjacent frames, the difference of cumulate frames and the percentage of the frame difference in a defined window are computed ; furthermore, the adaptive average in a window, the adaptive thresholds and sliding windows are obtained

    具體內容為: 1 .在鏡頭分割中,首先將視頻幀數據在hsv顏色空間下進行量化降維,隨后依據直方圖的統計特性,計算連續幀差值,累加幀差值及窗口幀差比,並以此確定自適應窗口均值、多個動態閾值及滑動窗口進行突變鏡頭和漸變境頭分割。