forces of nature中文意思是什麼

forces of nature解釋

  • forces: 軍隊,兵力
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • nature: n 1 自然(現象) 大自然;自然界;自然力;〈擬人化時作 N 作陰性用〉造化 造物主。2 自然狀態 原始狀...

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  1. You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, mr. beale

  2. Resulting from " force majeure " ( it shall be considered as a case of " force majeure " when the accident is solely due to unavoidable forces of nature, independently from human will and does not constitute a risk resulting from labour conditions )

    因不可抗力之情況(不可抗力是指不論有無人之干預,由不可避免之自然力量而非因工作條件所引致) 。
  3. All mythology bodies forth forces of nature

  4. It is when the ideas of symmetry and quantum mechanics come together that we find the special subtleties that are crucial to our modern understanding of the basic forces of nature

  5. When such concentration is not accompanied by non - attachment, and ignorance there fore remains, the aspirant will reach the state of the disicarnate gods or become merged in the forces of nature