1. By apparent temperature model based on body heat balance theory and suitable in china, using outputs from meso - scale numerical forecast model mm5v36 and atmospheric radiation transmission model modtran3. 0, apparent temperature every 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours were forecasted and their application in traveling and dressing meteorology were analyzed

      利用中尺度數值預報模式mm5v36和大氣輻射傳輸模式modtran3 . 0及基於人體熱量平衡的全國普適體感溫度模型完成了幼年、老年和成年三個不同年齡段的人群每小時、 3小時和6小時體感溫度的預報。並將預報結果應用於旅遊和著裝厚度預報。
    2. This issue researched the main national coal supplying market and consumer market, the main passages of coal transporting etc. on the base of data, it built a model, which forecasted qin huangdao port ' s coal shipping amounts in 2005 and 2010, and the basic shipping directions of transporting. then, this article put forward the future strategic goal and the applying competitive measures

      本文綜合研究了我國煤炭的主要供應市場和消費市場、煤炭運輸的通道(主要是水路運輸)等問題,以秦皇島港為例,在收集了相關數據的基礎上,建立模型,預測了該港及沿海主要煤炭運輸港2005 、 2010年的煤炭水運量,以及煤炭的基本流向。
    3. In the end, we forecasted the evolutionary trend of the river terraces in the mid - tail of weihe river according to their evolutionary characteristics

    4. However, according to ann ' s theory, making use of visual basic development tool, friendly - interface single output three layers " artificial neural network generator base on improved bp algorithm has been developed by the author, and after constructing the model, the value of d _ ( cmax ), finally the gross bed - load transport rate of non - uniform sediment with a wide distribution in flume experiment of stead sediment transportation have been forecasted

      筆者採用的途徑則是根據人工神經網路理論,利用vb開發出界面友好、基於改進bp演算法的多輸入單輸出三層神經網路生成器軟體,並採用該生成器建模,對平衡輸沙狀態下的水槽輸沙試驗的d _ ( cmax )和總輸沙率進行預測計算。
    5. In this study the penman discussed the complicated framework of the maize price, and particularly studied the main four parts : producing cost, circulating exes, margins, and taxes ; the factors that affect maize price are policies of government, value of money, supply and demand, system price difference, substitutions and etc ; some single and integrated modes of maize price forming are designed, and having forecasted the 2000 price of maize

      本文的主要內容是: ( 1 )現行玉米價格體系龐大復雜,其構成分生產成本、流通費用、利潤、稅金四個部分。 ( 2 )玉米價格形成受多種因素影響,主要是國家政策、貨幣價值、供求關系、差價體系、比價體系以及替代品和其他相關產品。 ( 3 )建立了玉米價格預測的單個和綜合模型,對2000年價格進行預測。