forecastle and quarterdeck winding中文意思是什麼

forecastle and quarterdeck winding解釋

  • forecastle: n. (輪船的)船首樓,(船首樓內的)水手艙。 a forecastle deck 船首樓甲板。
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • quarterdeck: 高級軍官
  • winding: adj. 1. 卷繞的;繞線的,繞組的。2. 迂迴曲折的,蜿蜒的。n. 1. 卷繞起來的一盤(繩索等);卷繞動作;絡紗。2. 彎曲,紆曲;不正行為。3. 【采】卷揚,提升;【電學】繞組,繞法;線圈。

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  1. In view of the poor stop accuracy, unstability of climbing at reduced or low speed and over - winding of mine ac lift when power braking is used, a siemens all - numerical rectification device is applied in the braking system of mine lift and its control mechanism and method are described

  2. Complete with lead wire and electrode plate stowage and wire winding board

  3. Dc testing, applying to transformer and inductor winding copper resistance 、 relay contact resistance 、 switch and socket contact resistance 、 lead resistance 、 compenent solder resistance 、 pcb line and hole resistance 、 metal detection, ect

  4. Or maybe that was a dream, too, and the awakening would be the changing of the watches, when he would drop down out of his bunk in the lurching forecastle and go up on deck, under the tropic stars, and take the wheel and feel the cool tradewind blowing through his flesh

  5. The road passed below the village, crossed a bridge, and ran winding uphill and downhill, mounting up and up to the hamlet of valuev, visible six versts away, where napoleon now was