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  • labor: n. ,〈美國〉= labour

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  1. The potent oxytoic effect of prostaglandins has been used to induce abortion and labor in women.

  2. Our labor costs did not go down accordingly.

  3. Dial this puerpera to bear insurance premium standard : above year worker is mean monthly salary is plan hair base, natural labor issues 3. 5 months ; drawing is produced, suck induced labor, clamp to produce issue 4 months ; caesarean birth or much afterbirth foetal hair give 3. 5 months

    撥該產婦生育保險費標準:以上年度職工月平均工資為計發基數,順產發給3 . 5個月;牽引產、吸引產、鉗產發給4個月;剖腹產或多胞胎發給3 . 5個月。
  4. The nanjing day tan oak domestic electric appliances limited company, is engaged in yu youyan machine, the fuel gas stove has, the fuel gaswater heater, the electric boiler, the electricity air bath, disinfects the cabinet, the electromagnetism stove and so on the smallelectrical appliances production and the sale operates privately thelimited liability company, the product proliferates area and so onmainland china and southeast asia has an experience rich technologyabundant outstanding team, has the specialty private enterprisemanagerial talent and control system day ke ren understood sets upthe brand, fully displays the team spirit, my si dingbi the takedivision of labor and cooperation, the superiority supplementary, resources sharing, the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit as aprinciple, provides extremely has the market competition strength bymight and main for the collaborator the product our objective is : development, innovation, prestige, highly effective, enterprising, strives for realism, development, quality

  5. Japanese employers have a virtually free hand in allocating labor within the enterprise.