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  • foreign: adj 1 外國的;外交的。2 外國來[產]的;外省的,外地的;〈美國〉他州的,本州管轄外的。3 別家工廠[公...
  • branch: n 1 (樹)枝〈泛指大枝或小枝;bough 特指大枝,也指連花、果折下的枝;limb 指大枝;twig 指小枝〉。2...
  • store: n 1 〈 sing pl 〉 貯藏,貯存;準備。2 〈 sing 〉 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲器。3 〈常 sing 〉豐富...

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  1. Carrefour is to open a new branch store near downtown for christmas

  2. This article is arranged as follows : firstly, by way of distinguishing the special business attribute and management feature of retailing from the business attribute of the manufacturing enterprise, i pointed out that the “ similarity ” and “ ordered production ” attributes lead to replication and alternative intervention of a retail firm. by way of contrast retail firm ’ s three kind of scale expansion : single store expansion, vertical integration and branch store expansion, i concluded that the branch store expansion is the effective way to expand a retail firm ’ s scale

  3. I another branch store after i became

  4. Kai men zi branch store hotel. please confirm your date of check - in and check - out

  5. Where the local law and the guideline are in conflict, the foreign branch or subsidiary should comply with the local law and inform the head office immediately of any departure from group policy