foreign currency debentures中文意思是什麼

foreign currency debentures解釋

  • foreign: adj 1 外國的;外交的。2 外國來[產]的;外省的,外地的;〈美國〉他州的,本州管轄外的。3 別家工廠[公...
  • currency: n. 1. 通貨。2. 通用,流通,流傳,傳播。3. 市價,行情。4. 流通時間。
  • debentures: 信用債券

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  1. Foreign currency and gold reserves were drained.

  2. In this case, international hot money and idle fund flow into our country in a large amount, gamble the appreciation expectancy of rmb, become of our country foreign exchange reserve with foreign currency account for main reason that fund rise fast in recent years

  3. A currency conversion charge is posted to a payor s account in a foreign currency and will be converted to the payor s currency using a weekly exchange rate secured through major money centre banks, plus an exchange fee equal to 0. 75 percent of the amount converted

    貨幣兌換收費會以外幣記入付款者的帳戶,它是以主要銀行每星期的外匯匯率兌換為付款者的貨幣,再加上兌換金額的0 . 75 %外匯費用。
  4. Foreign currency can be exchanged at designated foreign currency exchange banks or major international hotels. it is essential to save your receipts when you change money, because the receipt must be presented if you need to reconvert excess nt back to foreign currency upon your departure

  5. Indeed, he cited plans to prop up bank balance sheets by using some of china ' s 650bn ( & pound ; 343bn ) in foreign currency reserves, itself the result of bulk - buying us government bonds to help keep the yuan down

    確實,李勇舉例說,中國政府準備動用它6500億美元( 3430億英鎊)的外匯儲備的一部分,以平衡(中國國有)銀行的資產負債表。