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  • forge: n 1 鐵工廠,鍛工車間。2 鍛爐,熔鐵爐。3 (思想等的)鍛煉。vt vi 1 打(鐵),鍛制。2 鍛煉。3 編造...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • freedom: n. 1. 自由;自主;自由身分。2. 〈使用等的〉自由權。3. 直率,放肆,過分親密。4. 特權,特許;免除,解脫 (from)。5. 【物理學】自由度。6. (動作等的)優美,(生活的)優游閑適。

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  1. They fought under the flag of freedom and independence.

  2. What " more, we must strengthen the legislation of the general statutes of the right to know. so, the writer suggests that freedom of information, administrative procedure law, open meetings act, privacy act and press law must be enacted and developed. and some suggestion about the main contents of freedom of information and other laws have been proposed

  3. With some limitations, this is true also of rotational degrees of freedom.

  4. The function of government is to enable society to enlarge the areas of self-government, of freedom, and of social welfare.

  5. Referencing the existing laser lithography tools and according the structure principle of maglev - bearing and maglev - vehicle, two structure patterns of precision stage based on maglev technology and driven non - contactly by linear motor are designed and researched. the two maglev precision stages will be of freedom information property and adapt to develop and manufacture laser lithography tools by ourselves