form into中文意思是什麼

form into解釋
組成. . . , 編成. .

  • form: n 1 形態;形狀;樣子,外貌;【哲學】形式 (opp content)。2 人影,物影。3 格式;表格紙 (= 〈美...
  • into:

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  1. Why, said the gryphon, you first form into a line along the sea - shore -

    鷹頭獅說: 「先是在海岸邊站成一排」
  2. 6. can form into diversion velum in the course of movement. favorable protection forgrinding bearing no grip appearance

  3. The reform of teaching writing must lay stress on the whole and the process : assigning topics - change the single form into varied ; correcting - put one pens into scores of pens ; commenting - turn " teachers - only " into students speaking ; instructing - make the closing form open

    作文教學改革必須重整體、重過程:作文命題? ?變單一型為多樣型;作文指導? ?變封閉型為開放型;作文批改? ?變一支筆為幾十支筆;作文講評? ?變「一言堂」為「群言堂」 。
  4. Taking meaning, sound and form into consideration, the translator should try to recreate the beauty of sound and the beauty of form so as to achieve the three beauties simultaneously

    要使譯詩成功,譯者應該從意義、音韻和形式3個方面著手,在再現原文「意美」的前提下,盡可能再現原文的「音美」和「形美」 ,努力做到三美齊備。
  5. Specks form into clumps, these collide with other clumps, and the process continues until all the matter in any given orbit is concentrated into one object ? a planet

    微粒形成團塊,團塊之間相互碰撞,周而復始直到給定軌道上的所有物質集中成一個物體? ?行星。