n. 名詞 拘泥形式的人;形式主義者。
adj. 形容詞 拘泥形式的,形式主義的。
adj. 形容詞 -ic 形式主義的。


    1. Cb : i remain a die - hard formalist. i think there are things specific to poetry that can only be done in poetry

    2. Paul de man begins by noting a decline in what he calls “ formalist and intrinsic criticism. ” and he accounts for this by observing an increasing interest in reference amongst literary critics

    3. Osip brik, an important figure in the russian formalist movement, once remarked that pushkin ' s eugene onegin would have been written even if pushkin had not lived

      奧希普?布里克,俄國形式主義潮流中的重要人物,曾這樣論及普希金的《葉甫蓋尼?奧涅金》 ,說是即便不存在普希金這個人,還是有人會創作出這部作品。
    4. To keep on eating, to keep on sleeping, to keep on fighting heroically all the way to the yalu river without a stop - - these are subjectivist and formalist illusions, not realities of life

    5. A student of lowell and also an admirer of jarrell, snodgrass exemplifies the post-formalist as well as the post-romantic trend toward individual expression, neither academic nor beat.