n. 名詞 【化學】蟻酸鹽;甲酸酯。
vi. 不及物動詞 【航空】飛機加入編隊,編隊飛行。


    1. Taxation is one of principle methods to formate the state - owned property

    2. Study on the determination of ethyl formate in workplace air with gas chromatography

    3. The synthetic process was improved by using sodium formate instead of sodium 2 - ethylhexanoate and yield of the modified method was also raised to 76 % with low consumption of 6 - apa comparing with the 70 % in the literature

      該工藝路線使用甲酸鈉代替異辛酸鈉,減少了關鍵中間體6 -氨基青黴烷酸( 6 - apa )的耗用量,收率從文獻的70 %提高到76 % 。
    4. ( 3 ) volume shrinkage of composite decreases greatly with wpu increasing, even can arrive a negative number, but thermal stability is still good. ( 4 ) toughening mechanism is that : the formation of high molecular linear amino formate construct is the toughening reason ; hydroxyl - terminated pu - prepolymer and pf react to produce chemical bond effect which participate cure ; carboxyl - terminated pu - prepolymer and pf form semi - ipn which make toughened pf occur maximum

      ( 4 )通過紅外光譜對pf / pu共混物分子結構進行的定性分析、以及掃描電鏡對沖擊斷面形貌進行的分析,可證明聚氨酯預聚物增韌酚醛樹脂的機理是:兩個體系都是由於高分子量的線形氨基甲酸酯結構而增韌;端羥基pu與pf在共固化中產生化學鍵效應,參與pf的固化;而端羧基pu則與pf形成半互穿網路而增韌。
    5. It is pointed that the routes of dimethyl oxalate hydrogenation and solid acid catalysis of methyl formate and formaldehyde could be the environmentally friendly and economically attractive alternatives to existing method for industrial production of methyl glycolate