former wound coil中文意思是什麼

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  • former: n 1 構成者,創造者。2 【機械工程】模型,樣板,成形[型]設備。3 【無線電】線圈架。4 〈英國〉公學及...
  • wound: n 傷,負傷,創傷;損害,損傷;屈辱;苦痛;〈詩〉戀愛的痛苦。 a mortal wound 致命傷。 an open woun...
  • coil: vt vi 卷,盤繞,(把…)盤[卷]成一圈 (up)。n 1 (一)卷,(一)盤,(一)圈。2 螺旋管,蛇管。3 ...

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  1. Test methods for primary wound dressing - part 1 : aspects of absorbency

  2. Shanghai air conditioning copper tube factory, one of the four divisions of shanghai zhongxin copper tube industry co., ltd. is a manufacturer for coppertubes in straight length, level wound coil and pancake coil used in fieldsof air conditioning, refigeration, water - heater, heating - system service

  3. Dry reed relays are also operated by energizing a coil, but in this type of relay, the coil is wound around the switch so that the induced magnetic field closes the switch

  4. Considering that the ferrite core is often made from good permeable material, the dissertation presents the condition that the normal component of the magnetic field strength is zero approximately at the inside surface of good permeable material, i. e. bn = 0 to determine the eigenvalues for the separation constant. during the solving process, the solenoid coil is supposed to be wound closely by infinite symmetrical delta - coils

    考慮到磁芯通常是由導磁性能非常好的軟磁材料構成,本文提出利用靠近良導磁材料內側磁場強度法向分量近似為零,即b _ n 0 ,這一邊界條件,來確定邊值問題中的本徵值。
  5. Coil wound rotor