foundation sill中文意思是什麼

foundation sill解釋

  • foundation: n 1 建設,創設,創立。2 基礎,根本;根據;地基,地腳。3 基金;捐款;用捐款創辦的事業;慈善機關;...
  • sill: n. 1. 【建築】基石,基本;踏板;楣,門檻,窗臺。2. 【地質學;地理學】巖床,巖層,海底山脊;平巷底,礦山巷道的底面;底粱。3. 【機械工程】(車體底框的)梁。

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  3. Describes data access programming with visual c, where the preferred way is to use one of the class libraries such as the active template class library or microsoft foundation class library, which simplify working with the database apis

    描述如何使用visual c + +進行數據訪問編程,首選方式是使用類庫(如活動模板類庫( atl )或microsoft基礎類( mfc )庫)之一,這將簡化對數據庫api的使用。
  4. We hope that our study will provide us with more comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms of immune regulation and the roles that dc and complement play in innate and acquired immunity, as well as to lay a foundation for further exploration of the roles dc play in antigen - specific immune responses and immune tolerance from a new perspective. part i expression of complement receptors and complement - associated molecules on dendritic cells derived from distinct - origin at different stages of development two subsets of dendritic cells were generated from precursor cells isolated by means of magnetic cell separation system

    曰補體受體及其相關分子在modc上的表達不同分化階段的單核細胞衍生性dc ( monocytes一deriveddc , modc )的誘導:將新鮮分離的單核細胞mo ,在含有gm一csf和工l一4培養體系中誘導5一7d ,即分化為未成熟modc ;對培養至sd的未成熟modc ,用tnfa刺激zd ,即分化為成熟modc ;此時再用lps刺激24h ,即為活化的modc 。
  5. After long - term synthetic action of these factors, the complicated rock mass in the right dam foundation come into being. the adjoining rock engineering geological classification of water - conservancy and hydraulic - power project reconnaissance code ( gb50287 - 99 ), geomechanic system ( bieniawski, 1973 ), rock mass quality index z ( xiaowang, 1995 ), artificial neural network and field classification were used in the rock mass quality classification

    本文採用水利水電工程地質勘察規范( gb50287 - 99 )的圍巖工程地質分類、巖體rmr分類( bieniawski , 1973 ) 、巖體質量指數z分級(小灣, 1995 )以及人工神經網路分類,對壩區巖體按其基本指標作出定量化評分、分級。