n. 名詞 1. 鑄造,翻砂。
2. 鑄工廠;玻璃(製造)廠;鑄工車間。


    1. The operation principle and device to produce acetin and hydroxyethyl acetate for foundry firming agent were analyzed in the paper, and the choice of esterification catalyst and dehydrated agent in the esterifying process also were analyzed theoretically, and finally, the better producing operation device, catalyst and dehydrated agent were obtained

    2. Working knowledge of brass foundry, machining, polishing, chrome plating, assembly, and experiences in sanitary ware are preferred

    3. High clow manganic metal pellet, which are the newest products that our company researches and explots, are the pioneering of the same trade. the products, which can substitute for importing stainless steels, are the perfect ones of precised foundry clearing the aluminum alloy surface sping affrandizement sping gear aggrandizement produce

    4. Used in municipal engineering, infrastructure projects, chemical, printing, dyeing, medicine, shipbuilding, foundry and foodstuff to pump thick and dreggy liquid, paste, sand, flowing silt in rivers, as well as liquid containing mud and stone pieces in coal mines

    5. Development tendency of new foundry technology in china