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  • four: n 1 四人小組;(套在車上的)四匹馬。2 四的記號;(骰子的)四點;(鐘點的)四時;四歲。3 〈pl 〉 ...
  • rope: n 1 (通常指1 10英寸以上粗細的)索子,麻索 〈cf cable; cord〉。2 繩〈長度名=20英尺〉。3 套索;測...
  • friction: n. 1. 摩擦,阻力。2. 傾軋,沖突,不和 (between)。3. 擦熱皮膚。
  • winder: n 1 卷繞者;纏繞植物;卷紙機;纏繞器,線板兒;絞車。2 【紡織;印染】絡紗工;絡紗[筒]機。3 【建築...

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  1. 1. 5 m in diameter ) were dispersed in n46 engine oil with different concentrations using ultrasonic respectively in order to study their tribological properties. the tribological experiments were carried out by mq - 800 four - ball tribometer and mm - 200 ring - on - block tribometer, in which extreme pressure properties, wear scan diameter, friction coefficient and wear volume loss were measured. the results showed that oil containing mos2 nanoparticles had a better wear resistance, friction - reducing and extreme pressure than the oil containing common mos2

    將上述制備得到的納米二硫化鉬顆粒和普通二硫化鉬粉末( 1 . 5 m )以不同濃度分散在n46機械油中,在mq - 800四球摩擦磨損試驗機上考察它們的最大無卡咬負荷( p _ b值) 、耐磨性能和摩擦系數;並在mm - 200摩擦磨損試驗機上,通過環?塊摩擦副,比較和分析了它們的摩擦學特性。
  2. Next, the rest of the white team attaches their prusiks ( or ascenders ) to the black team ' s rope, so there are now four people in position to haul

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  4. Our company enjoys the high reputation at domestic abroad market is a fishing - net manufacturer, our building area 6000 suqare meter. we own 34 sets of making - net machine, 9 sets of twine - machine, 140 sets of braided rope and 2 sets huge equipment machine. the annual output is 300 tons. the goods sell to singapore, italy, canada, usa, england, france, nigera, guinea and so on. our company myself has import and export right. the annual export amount u. s dollar four million

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