fourcault process中文意思是什麼

fourcault process解釋

  • fourcault: 富爾科
  • process: n 1 進行,經過;過程,歷程;作用。 2 處置,方法,步驟;加工處理,工藝程序,工序;製作法。3 【攝影...

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  1. Study on a new process for synthesis of ultraviolet absorber

  2. Using refined cotton, chloroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide as main feedstock, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was made by the process of basification, etherification, abstersion and drying

  3. The process of abstraction is sometimes applied also to descriptions or theories which distort in order to simplify.

  4. The diffusion process seems to be accelerating.

  5. He has no use for specialists in assisted suicides ? “ accoucheurs to the grave, ” he scornfully calls them ? but considers it permissible for doctors to abet the process of dying in cases of unendurable pain

    他並不贊成醫生幫助病人自殺? ?他不無譏諷地稱他們為「掘墓人」 ? ?但是他認為當病人的痛苦無法忍受時,醫生幫助病人快點死去也是可以的。