音標 [fɔ:ks]
n. 名詞 1. 福克斯人〈美國的一支印第安人〉。
2. 福克斯語〈福克斯人、索克人等所操的阿爾袞琴語〉。
n. 名詞 1. 福克斯〈姓氏〉。
2. Charles James Fox 查理詹姆士福克斯〈1749-1806,英國政治家〉。
n. 名詞 1. 狐;狐皮。
2. 狡猾的人。
3. 〈美俚〉大學新生。
4. 【航海】(多根繩子搓成的)繩索。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 捕狐,獵狐。
2. 用狡計,欺詐。
3. (書頁等)變色,褪色;(啤酒等)變酸。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 使(書頁等)生斑變色〈常用過去分詞〉。
2. 使(啤酒等)變酸。
3. 〈口語〉欺騙。
4. 為(皮鞋)換面。
5. 使醉。


    1. Locate in scene flood centre, cover an area of 18, 700 square metre, in 1977 start bi is park, in garden build have pavilion waterside pavilion, plant have odd coloured different grass, and raise the rare animals such as peacock, huge boa, wild boar, fox, monkey, 8 elder brothers and babbler

      位於景洪市中心,佔地18700平方米, 1977年始辟為公園,園內建有亭臺水榭,植有奇花異卉,並飼養著孔雀、巨蟒、野豬、狐貍、猴子、八哥、畫眉等珍稀動物。
    2. I considered it a narrative of facts, and discovered in it a vein of interest deeper than what i found in fairy tales : for as to the elves, having sought them in vain among fox - glove leaves and bells, under mushrooms and beneath the ground - ivy mantling old wall - nooks, i had at length made up my mind to the sad truth, that they were all gone out of england to some savage country where the woods were wilder and thicker, and the population more scant ; whereas, lilliput and brobdingnag being, in my creed, solid parts of the earth s surface, i doubted not that i might one day, by taking a long voyage, see with my own eyes the little fields, houses, and trees, the diminutive people, the tiny cows, sheep, and birds of the one realm ; and the corn - fields, forest - high, the mighty mastiffs, the monster cats, the tower - like men and women, of the other

    3. A fox breaks wind in order to escape hunting dogs. .

    4. The helicopter took off from a military parade grounds and was headed to la palmaprison, west of mexico city, which holds several of mexico ' s most feared drug capos, a fox ' s spokesman said

    5. A fox was prowling round a farmyard one day when he saw a cockerel standing on a grassy mound