foxing like band中文意思是什麼

foxing like band解釋

  • foxing: n. 鞋麵皮;鞋面修補用皮。
  • like: vt 1 喜歡,愛好。 He likes vegetables 他喜歡蔬菜。 I like apples better than pears 蘋果和梨比較起...
  • band: n 1 帶,繩;帶形物;箍;箍條;嵌條;鑲邊;鋸條; 〈pl 〉 (法官等的)寬領帶。2 束縛,羈絆;義務;...

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  1. The milky way will look like a hazy, cloud-like, irregular band across the sky.

  2. Like the wedding band, the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger on the left hand

  3. We would like to see much more exchange between chinese and irish academics and of course we want to nurture and develop the small band of chinese scholars who devote themselves to the study of irish writers

  4. When they were divided the band hesitated, like men who had lost their governing principle of action.

  5. No, neither am i. i like a mellow sounds. what ' s your favorite band