n. 名詞 弗朗西斯科〈男子名,Francis的異體〉。


    1. Their kind smiling faces during their performance made one feel that guan yin bodhisattva was around. the san francisco health and beauty art performance school was performing the yuen zi dance, known for its effectiveness in enhancing the flexibility of our body

    2. Through a series of his letters comes an analysis of many places he has visited - japan, guinea - bissau, iceland, san francisco and hitchcocks vertigo

      他的魚雁記載他對所到各地的所所思日本、幾內亞比索、冰島、三藩市,還有希治閣的《迷魂記》 。
    3. Synchronized blinker lights are set up in new york and san francisco.

    4. So much so that out of 40 offers for their accommodations, they chose the park hotel weggis which boasts a comprehensive gym equipped with cybex. the team stayed there and trained on cybex equipment from 22nd may to 4th june. physical trainer francisco adolfo ferreira and physiologist emerson silami of the brazilian cruzeiro esporte clube agree : training on cybex equipment produces the best results

      巴西著名的克魯塞羅足球會cruzeiro esporte clube內的體適能教練法瑋拿先生francisco adolfo ferreira及物理治療師思拿美先生emerson silami都同意說:運用賽百斯健身設備來操練可得到最佳效果。
    5. Isadora buncan, the dancer from san francisco gloried in an enlightenment which others thought scandalous.