1. As for albert and franz, they essayed not to escape from their ciceronian tyrants ; and, indeed, it would have been so much the more difficult to break their bondage, as the guides alone are permitted to visit these monuments with torches in their hands

    2. The host again assured them they might rely on him, and that their wishes should be attended to ; upon which franz and albert mounted to their apartments, and proceeded to disencumber themselves of their costumes

    3. Why, even i, a poor secretary of the russian embassy, feel no necessity to testify my rejoicing by giving my franz a thaler and sending him out for a holiday to disport himself with his liebchen on the praterthough its true there is no prater here he looked straight at prince andrey and suddenly let the creases drop out of his puckered forehead

    4. Carmen fantasia composed by franz sarasate

    5. Conjecture soon became certainty, for the figure of a man was distinctly visible to franz, gradually emerging from the staircase opposite, upon which the moon was at that moment pouring a full tide of silvery brightness