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  • free: adj (freer; freest)1 自由的,自主的;自立的。 a free action 自由行動。 free competition 自由競...
  • electron: n. 【物理學】電子。 the electron beam 電子束。 the electron theory 電子(學)說。
  • diffusion: n. 1. 散布,發散。2. 傳播,普及。3. 冗長。4. 【化學】滲濾。5. 【物理學】擴散,漫射。

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  1. The sand in the bags has the principal task of guaranteeing continuity of contact in the material without impeding the free diffusion of the compressed air.

  2. The propagation of ultrashort laser pulse in air is analyzed with mechanics analogy by considering kerr effects and free electron defocusing. the equation describing the evolution of the laser spot is derived. it is shown that long distance focusing requires large initial beam and the propagation distance is very sensitive to the initial divergence angle of the laser beam

  3. Oxygen diffusion transport and electrochemical reaction in the oxygen cathode of alkaline fuel cell ( afc ) and pemfc have been expressed with the tffa model, including oxygen transferring in gas channel of gas diffusion layer and reaction layer, oxygen dissolution and diffusion in thin - film of reaction layer, oxygen reaction and diffusion in flooded - agglomerate of reaction layer and the conduction of electron and ion. numeric algorithm of the model equations is also obtained

    本文將tffa模型應用於堿性燃料電池( afc )和質子交換膜燃料電池( pemfc )陰極,推導出陰極各種傳遞和反應過程的描述方程,包括氧氣在氣體擴散層和反應層氣體通道中的擴散,氧氣在反應層薄膜中的溶解和擴散,氧在反應層浸漬聚集體中的反應和擴散以及電子和離子的傳導,並給出方程的數值解法。
  4. This research has studied the microstructure of cathode materials systematically by the means of high resolution transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, surveyed the electron emission performance of la2o3, - mo, la2o3 - y2o3 - mo, la2o3 - sc2c > 3 - mo cathode with the self - designed electron emission surveyor and analyzed the elements changing of the surface of mo - la2o3 - sc2c > 3 cathode in - situ. while it was heated to different temperature. at last, the relationship of the microstructure of cathode, diffusion of active matter and electron emission performances has been discussed

    本研究採用高分辨掃描電鏡、透射電鏡對稀土鉬鎢陰極材料的顯微結構進行了系統研究;利用本課題研究組設計研製的電子發射測量儀對la2o3 - mo , la2o3 - sc2o3 - mo , la2o3 ? y2o3 - mo三種陰極(以下稱鑭?鉬陰極、鑭鈧?鉬陰極、鑭釔?鉬陰極)的發射性能進行了測量;利用經改造后的俄歇電子能譜儀「原位」分析了發射性能較好的鑭鈧鉬陰極在不同溫度下表面活性元素的變化情況。
  5. We have also calculated the resolution of the lclv according to the electrical field and the electron diffusion theory. it shows that the limiting resolution of 501p / mm can be obtained in our lclv

    對液晶光閥的解析度的分析,主要計算了光閥厚度、電場以及電荷擴散對光閥解析度的影響,從理論上得到制備的液晶光閥解析度應大於501p / mm的極限解析度。