freeing port中文意思是什麼

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  • freeing: 正在釋放
  • port: n 1 港;港口;〈比喻〉避難港;避難所,休息處。2 (特指有海關的)港市;輸入港;通商口岸。3 機場,...

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  1. The old neighbor called at the white house, and lincoln talked to him for hours about the advisability of issuing a proclamation freeing the slaves

  2. Attending to procedures for ships entry into and departure from the port and arranging for pilotage, ships berth and loading discharging ; 2. preparing documents and, subject to authorization, signing bills of lading, contract of affreightment, ships dispatch demurrage agreements and collecting money and settling payment ; 3. canvassing cargoes, arranging passenger transport, accepting cargo space booking on behalf of the carrier, and attending to procedures for shipments and transshipment of cargoes ; 4

    公司的業務范圍包括: 1辦理船舶進出港口手續,聯系安排引航靠泊和裝卸2繕制單證,代簽提單運輸合同速譴滯期協議,代收代付款項3承攬貨物和組織客源代辦接受定艙業務以及貨物的托運和中轉4聯系水上救助協辦海商海事5辦理船舶集裝箱以及貨物的報關手續6代辦船舶船員旅客或貨物的有關事項。
  3. Where, by a peril insured against, the voyage is interrupted at an intermediate port or place, under such circumstances as, apart from any special stipulation in the contract of affreightment, to justify the master in landing and re - shipping the goods or other movables, or in transshipping them, and sending them on to their destination, the liability of the insurer continues notwithstanding the landing or transshipment

  4. The communication between computer and plc is realized by the programming port, and the communication between computer and servo unit is realized by databus, and the cooperative control between plc and servo unit is realized by an audion

  5. The port of london laid an embargo on all ships coming from the baltic.