freely movement of burden中文意思是什麼

freely movement of burden解釋

  • freely: adv. 1. 自由地,隨意地。2. 直率地,不客氣地。3. 慷慨地,豪爽地。4. 免費地。
  • movement: n 1 運動;活動;進退 行動 動靜;動搖;動作;舉動;〈pl 〉姿勢;態度。2 移動 遷移。3 (市面的)活...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • burden: n 1 擔子,馱子;負荷,裝載量,載重噸數。2 負擔,包袱,重累。3 責任,義務。vt 1 使負重擔;使煩惱,...

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  5. Mechanics course mainly includes the description of movement of objects, the instantaneous effect of strength, spatial build - up effect of strength, temporal build - up effect of strength, nonindividual body mechanics, mechanical wave and sound, relativity, inalterability and covariability and mechanics foundation of the theory of relativity