french currency中文意思是什麼

french currency解釋

  • french: n. 弗倫奇〈姓氏〉。adj. 法國的,法蘭西的;法語的;法國人的;法國式的。n. 1. 法語。2. 〈the French〉 〈集合詞〉法國人。
  • currency: n. 1. 通貨。2. 通用,流通,流傳,傳播。3. 市價,行情。4. 流通時間。

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  1. In 1818 fresnel entered a competition sponsored by french academy.

  2. The capital and largest city of djibouti, in the southeast part of the country on an inlet of the gulf of aden. it was founded by the french in1888. population, 120, 000

    吉布地市吉布地最大的城市和首都,位於該國東南部的亞丁灣入口處, 1888年由法國人建城。人口120 , 000
  3. We would not disturb the french administrative control of north africa.

  4. We ' ve tried to create the ambience of a french bistro

  5. Every major currency in the world, except french francs and west german marks printed before 1973, has magnetic particles embedded on the face of the bill