friday after next中文意思是什麼

friday after next解釋

  • friday: n. 星期五。 Black [Good] Friday耶穌受難日〈復活節前的星期五〉。 Man F- 忠僕〈F- 原為《魯濱遜漂流記》中一個忠於魯濱遜的僕人的名字〉。adv. -s 星期五,每星期五。
  • after: adv 在後;繼后;后來。 follow after 跟著。 look before and after 瞻前顧后,前思後想。 soon after ...
  • next: adj 1 其次的;下次的,緊接著來到的。2 隔壁的。3 〈the next〉任何別的。n 下一個人[東西]。 in my ne...

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  1. The month after next he will fly to tokyo.

  2. Stock markets leapt on friday after the u. s. federal reserve unexpectedly cut its discount rate, saying deteriorating financial conditions were a downside risk to growth

  3. He will return to london the week after next.

  4. Italy ' s leading news agency has denied reporting that al qaeda leader osama bin laden would attend pope john paul ' s funeral on friday after a story attributed to it circulated widely on the internet

  5. Tea room opened its doors again friday after a four - year high adders

    星期五,經過4年的* ,茶室再次對外營業。