frontier official中文意思是什麼

frontier official解釋

  • frontier: n. 1. 邊疆;邊界,邊緣。2. 新開闢地,邊地;〈美國〉邊疆城市。3. 〈常 pl. 〉(知識等的)尚待開發的領域。adj. 1. 邊疆的。2. 新墾地的,邊地的。
  • official: adj 1 職務上的,公務上的,官員的,公的;擔任官[公]職的。2 (出自)官方的,法定的,公認的,正式的...

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  1. Safe loop switch abscission or apparatus room transfer of an official from field service to capital fast machine switch broken circuit and action

  2. Unless citizens in u. s. territories have official residency domicile in a u. s. state or the district of columbia and vote by absentee ballot or travel to their state to vote, they cannot vote in the presidential election

  3. Language : there are 11 official languages, including english, afrikaans and xhosa, zulu, sesotho and other nine african languages

    語言: 11種官方語言。其中包括英語、南非荷蘭語和克索薩語、祖盧語、塞蘇托語等9種當地主要部族語言。
  4. Language : frenchis the official language, arabic dialects predominate among the northernmuslims. the animist groups in the south speak a variety of languages, the mostcommon of which issara

  5. If there's an official announcement we'd like to be in touch.