fst facilities solution team中文意思是什麼

fst facilities solution team解釋

  • fst: 第十三因子
  • facilities: 廠房設備
  • solution: n. 1. 溶解;溶液,溶體,溶劑。2. (補輪胎用的)橡膠水;〈美國〉藥水。3. 解決,解答 (of; for; to); 解釋;(數學等的)解法,解式。4. 免除,解除。5. 【醫學】消散,消退。
  • team: n 1 (運動比賽的)隊,團;工作隊,工作組,作業班;一班[一組]工人。2 (一起拖車子的)一隊牲口,聯...

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  1. " i declare as the entrant that to the best of my belief the driver ( s ) possess ( es ) the standard of competence necessary for an event ( s ) of the type ( s ) to which this entry relates that the vehicle entered is suitable and road worthy for the event having regard to the track and the speed they will be reached and that i, & my driver ( s ) and team members enter upon and use the track and its facilities entirely at our own risk "

  2. Set in ten acres of beautifully - landscaped gardens, hong kong gold coast hotel offers an extensive array of recreational facilities including free - form swimming pools, tennis courts, a multi - purpose court, golf driving nets and archery range, a gymnasium, an outdoor team building centre for corporate organizations, toby s gamesworld for kids and a european - style health and beauty spa

  3. The company is a strong team which concentrates incorporates decoration water and electricity installation into a organic whole, its business involves the construction and decoration on mansions, hotels, industry buildings, office rooms and flat and auxiliary facilities, construction decoration of civil buildings, water and electricity installations

  4. Wash and wipe chairs, resting areas and other facilities used by the public in the hotel and public toilets with a 1 : 99 diluted household bleach solution at least four times a day

    酒店及公共廁所的公用設施,如座椅休憩空間等,應以1 : 99稀釋家用漂白水拭抹,最少每天四次。
  5. Wipe furniture and household facilities with a diluted household bleach solution in the ratio of 1 : 99 1 part of household bleach mixed with 99 parts of water at least once a day. then rinse with water and wipe dry

    每天最少一次用1 : 99即把1份家用漂白水混和99份清水的稀釋家用漂白水拭抹傢具及設施,然後用清水洗及抹乾。