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  • full: adj 1 充滿的,裝滿的。2 充分的,豐富的;擠滿的;(吃、喝等)盡興的,3 (精神)飽滿的。4 完全的,...
  • gospel: n 1 福音;【基督教】 〈G 〉 《聖經新約》中的《約翰(馬太;馬可;路加)福音》;福音書中的一節。2 ...
  • church: n 丘奇〈姓氏〉。n 1 教堂,禮拜堂;〈C 〉 教會;教派。2 教徒團體;〈集合詞〉基督教徒。3 〈the chur...

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  1. Foursquare gospel, the international church of the

  2. Institute for the third age, service project for the church, day care centre service, alternative day care program, integrated program in child care centre, occasional day care service, parenting education centre, school for physically handicapped children, full - time vocational training course, short - term vocational training course, media education

    教育及訓練長者教育、教會事工、日間幼兒園服務、幼兒園延展服務、兼收弱智弱能兒童在幼兒園計畫、暫托幼兒服務、親職教育中心、弱能兒童學校、全日制職業訓練課程、短期職業訓練課程、傳媒教育38 , 393
  3. Much of the music today involves church music, also referred to as spirituals or gospel music

  4. C. specially designed programmes students engaged in advanced research or doctoral studies elsewhere may be allowed to use the theological resources in the university for limited periods of time as associate students. full - time church workers are also welcomed to take courses and allowed to use the theological resources in the university

  5. In january 2003, the official beijing people s security daily reported that police in neixiang county, henan province raided three churches and detained at least 176 members of the banned " full scope church. " shortly before easter 2003, father zheng ruipin of changli, fujian province and 18 students at an underground catholic seminary were detained for a month after police raided their school