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  • fully: adv 充分地,完全地;足足;至少。 be fully paid up 全部付訖。 fully refined wax 精製蜂蠟。 It is f...
  • automated: 自動的
  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...
  • acquisition: n. 1. 取得,獲得;習得。2. 取得物,獲得物[人]。3. 【無線電】探測。

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  1. Ade automated data entry

  2. The main content of this article are the theories of fuzzy control system and data acquisition system for micro aerial vehicle. we can let a aeroplane model aviate with some sensors and one microcontroller, at the same time, the remote control is used. when the model make a landing, we could get some useful data from the model

  3. The functions of this automation system focus on five aspects : data acquisition 、 supervision and control 、 fault isolate and recovery 、 gis 、 data statistic and report. the design project takes the rcs - 9000 series 、 sd ? 9520 and sd - 9630, which is a new installation that can detect the operation state of the low - voltage current breaker, and send the state to the control room. the other new installation is sd - 9860, which is the monitor of the cable fault

    設計方案中,在採用南瑞rcs - 9000系列、雙電公司sd - 9520裝置的同時,採用了新開發的sd - 9630塑殼開關運行狀態採集裝置,檢測塑殼開關的運行狀態,並將運行狀態傳回到集控中心(中間站) ;採用了新開發的sd - 9860電纜故障指示器,完成電纜故障的識別;集控中心的設計實現了整個小區配電自動化系統的集中通訊、實時監控、統計與管理功能;高、低壓開關實現了自動控制、狀態檢測和無功補償等。
  4. This design for high - speed data acquisition card with optical - electrical isolation on pci bus considers from these two respects : first, can solve the speed bottleneck problem in data transmission by fully utilizing high - speed transmission rate of pci bus ; second, can raise the electric isolation characteristics of the whole system by adding optical - electrical isolation circuit on the circuit board, and then raise the precision of measurement of the whole system

  5. Based on the fully analysis of modern wireless transmission technology and principle, reference of vast correlative papers and advanced wireless data transmission products in the world, summarization and reference of modem sensing technology and data acquisition technology, wireless data transmission module sa68d29m is selected, which satisfies the requirements of the modern in - situ vibration measurement

    通過深入分析現代無線數據傳輸技術原理,在查閱大量相關文獻和國內外先進無線數傳產品、總結和借鑒現代傳感技術和數據採集技術的基礎上,選取了適合現代振動測試現場要求的無線數傳模塊sa68d29m ,設計完成了基於無線技術的振動數據採集系統。