function call semantics中文意思是什麼

function call semantics解釋

  • function: n 1 功能,官能,機能,作用。2 〈常 pl 〉職務,職責。3 慶祝儀式;(盛大的)集會,宴會。4 【數學】...
  • call: vt 1 大聲念[說],喊,叫。2 召喚,叫來,請來;召集,徵召;號召;喚醒。3 把…取名為,稱呼,把…叫做。...
  • semantics: n. 1. 【語言學】語義學。2. 【哲學】語義哲學;語義學派。

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  1. Executes a late - bound method or function call

  2. Unlike actionscript 2, methods in actionscript 3 now retain their class scope when called, even if assigned to another object and called from that object, or if used with function. call and function. apply

  3. Function call operator

  4. This occurs regardless of whether or not the function takes parameters because the compiler calculates the function address ; however, because the function call operator " is not present, no call is made

    因為編譯器計算函數地址,所以不論函數是否有參數,都會出現這樣情況;然而,由於不存在函數調用運算符「 ( ) 」 ,所以沒有調用。
  5. Ing strings onto an array is time - intensive ; first of all, we have a function call which means pushing items onto a stack, and then taking them off, and we also have the additional array management overhead

    到一個字元串中非常耗時;首先,我們要執行一次函數調用(這會涉及壓棧和出棧操作) ,還要添加額外的數組管理工作。