functional systolic murmurs中文意思是什麼

functional systolic murmurs解釋

  • functional: adj 1 官能的,機能的。2 在起作用的;職務上的。3 【數學】函數的。4 【建築】從使用的觀點設計[構成]...
  • systolic: 脈動陣列
  • murmurs: 雜音

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  1. Aeon company present the multi - functional ventilator of large screen. . .

  2. The bonds of marriage and family life are no longer functional, but affectional. people used to come to love each other because they needed each other. now it is just the other way around. they need each other because they love each other

  3. During the new - style school which stood for the new cultural and was sustained by the government was entering into the country, the private school which stood for the old cultural also was struggling to exist resorting to its agrestic adaptability and special functional agility. the private school was replying to the challenge from the new - style school. when the two style schools were facing each other, there formed the exceptive pattern of education

    代表新文化的新式學校以政府為其後盾不斷地向鄉村社會滲入的同時,代表傳統舊文化的私塾也以其特有的靈活性和鄉土適應性掙扎著生存,並回擊著來自「新學」的「挑戰」 ,二者交鋒對壘,形成了別具特色的新舊並存的二元教育模式。
  4. Pansystolic murmurs begin with s1, extend throughout systole, and are characteristically uniform in intensity systolic ejection murmurs have been likened to the chug of a steam engine laboring up a hill, while pansystolic murmurs have been likened to the high - pitched wail of the engine ' s whistle

  5. Late systolic murmurs begin in midsystole and extend to or through s2. they may be heard in mitral valve prolapse ( frequently accompanied by midsystolic clicks ) or coarctation of the aorta

    收縮期晚期雜音始於收縮期中期,延至或貫穿s2 。可在二尖瓣脫垂(通常伴有收縮中期喀喇音)或主動脈瓣縮縫時聽到。