fungal degradation中文意思是什麼

fungal degradation解釋

  • fungal: adj. = fungous.
  • degradation: n. 1. 降級;免職。2. 退化;墮落。3. 【地質學;地理學】(地表的)剝蝕。4. 【化學】降解,遞降分解(作用)。5. 【物理學】(能的)退降。

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  1. Acclimatization and detachment of dominant degradation bacteria from gas - making plant ' s phenolic wastewater

  2. Acquiescence in her father's wishes had been degradation to herself.

  3. In stock yards ammonia is formed by biological degradation.

  4. A possible pathway of aniline degradation by o3 is given

  5. The degradation of i k b and dissociation from nf - k b complex are essential process for activation of nf - k b. there is no report about whether cck - 8 inhibits nf - k b activity through inhibiting lps - induced degradation of i k b. the present study was designed to observe the regulatory effect of cck - 8 on changes of immune functions induced by lps, the receptor mechanism and signal transduction mechanism involving mapk, stat3 and i k b at different levels including in vivo and in vitro, in order to study its immunomodulatory effect on reversing es and its molecular mechanisms

    Ikb的降解、並從w兒b復合物上解離是w4b激活的必需過程。 ccks是否通過抑制lps誘導的ikb降解,從而抑制nf幾b激活尚未見報道。本研究在整體、細胞及分子水平,觀察了ccke對lps引起的免疫功能改變的調節作用,研究了其受體機制及mapk 、 stat3和ikb的信號轉導機制,以探討cck七抗es時的免疫調節作用及其分子機制。