adj. 形容詞 1. 索狀的,索帶的。
2. 用纜索運轉的。
3. 【解剖學】索的,臍帶的,精索的。
n. 名詞 纜車道 (=funicular railway).


    1. And i hopped the funicular to the dumbwaiter

    2. A cable - hauled funicular tramway runs between central and the peak

    3. Introduced by prestressed pier in the gate of spillway in xiao xia hydroelectric power station, the text reasonably established 3 - d finite elements mechanic model by the advanced finite elements popular in the world which can expediently impose tension of anchor funicular at its place. it also considered possible diversified combination of loading, and indicated that the effect of its prestressed action is fruitful compared with its conventional counterpart by study of mechanic calculation in comparison. as a result, it vastly improved burdening state of pier. by analysis of 3 - d finite element method, it also gained the stress result indifferent boundary conditions such as breast wall joint support and fixed support, and the displacement result in diversified loading combination. those results gained the instructive and reference value in design of prestressed pier

    4. Take the funicular peak tram to victoria peak. the area offers some of the best sightseeing in asia, as well as wonderful photographic opportunities

    5. Hong kong has a diverse multi - modal public transport system, comprising a kowloon - canton railway, a mass transit railway, an airport railway, a light rail transit, a tramway, franchised buses, public light buses, taxis, residents services, a funicular cable tramway and ferry services, extending to almost every part of the territory