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  • fusion: n. 1. 熔解,熔化;【物理學】(核)聚變,合成。2. 〈美國〉融合;(政黨等的)合併,聯合。
  • jointing: n. 1. 焊接;連接;接合。2. 填料,墊料封泥。
  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。

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  1. The result of the study testifies that the kindling temperature of lumps and scraps of pure magnesium is decided by their fusion temperatures ( the higher the fusing temperature, the higher the kindling temperature ), and influenced by the heating velocity and the pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere ( the faster the heating and the lower the pressure, the lower the kindling temperature obtained from the experiment )

    研究結果表明,所測塊狀純鎂和鎂屑的燃點與其熔點有直接的對應關系(熔點高則燃點也相應增高) ,並受升溫速度、環境中氧的分壓的影響(升溫速度越快、氧的分壓越小,則所測燃點值越高) 。
  2. The results indicated : 1 ) the friction interface can transfer continuously and stably with the imbalance cooling thermo - induce. ultra - fine grain column part can be prepared through it. and ultra - fine grain flat part can be obtained through jointing several ultra - fine grain strips in cooling friction stir processing 2 ) the refined grain size and the hardening result are mostly affected by the rotate speed, the friction press and the deformating temperature

    實驗結果表明: ( 1 )通過不平衡冷卻的熱誘導作用,實現了棒材摩擦界面的持續、穩定轉移,得到了棒狀超細晶組織;通過強冷攪拌摩擦工藝進行細晶帶合併,能夠得到板狀的超細晶組織。
  3. Standard practice for determination of fusion temperature of dry electrostatic heat - fixing toners

  4. If the mass of the star is less than about 1. 1 solar masses, the temperature of the core will be less than 15 million k, the main fusion reaction is the

    若星體質量小於太陽質量的1 . 1倍,星體中心的溫度將會少於一千五百萬絕對溫度,核聚變主要以
  5. Building construction - jointing products - determination of adhesion cohesion properties of sealants at constant temperature iso 9046 : 2002 ; german version en iso 9046 : 2004