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  • future: n 1 未來,將來。2 前途,遠景。3 〈pl 〉 【商業】期貨,期貨交易。4 〈俚語〉未婚夫,未婚妻。5 【語...
  • commission: n 1 命令,訓令;委任,委託;任務;職權。2 委員,委員會。3 (陸海軍軍官的)任命。4 【商業】代辦,...
  • merchant: n 1 商人;〈英國〉批發商;(尤指)貿易商。2 〈美國〉零售商〈英國僅用於 a coal merchant a wine mer...

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  1. The futures commission merchant shall immediately cease accepting new orders from the institutional investor, except for purposes of disposing of existing positions, and shall cancel the account after its claims and liabilities have been settled

  2. After leaving british waters disguised as a merchant ship, the alabama was outfitted as a combatant by supply ships and placed in commission on august 24, 1862

  3. The consigning futures commission merchant fails to offset its positions after being restrained from opening new positions

  4. The client or the consigning futures commission merchant holds open positions in excess of the position limit prescribed by the clearing members

  5. Following the " health " considerations were concerns about " economic ability " ( 62. 5 per cent ) and " the family " ( 57. 6 per cent ). " the survey results have given the commission better insight and understanding of the women s needs and concerns. we shall bear this in mind in our future initiatives in empowering women, " the spokesperson said