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  • fv: FV, f. v. = folio verso 見本頁背面 (= on the back of the page)。
  • future: n 1 未來,將來。2 前途,遠景。3 〈pl 〉 【商業】期貨,期貨交易。4 〈俚語〉未婚夫,未婚妻。5 【語...
  • vision: n 1 視力,視覺。2 〈不用冠詞〉先見,洞察;想像力。3 景象,光景;姿態;美景;極美的人〈尤指婦女〉...

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  1. As governments, we stumble from crisis to crash program, lurching into the future without plan, without hope, without vision

  2. From the first green cross activity in 2000 to the present, we have celebrated our successful achievements, encouraged commitment among participants, reiterated ep concepts, and maintained a vision for the future

  3. The name change is initiated by our company vision to put our future focus in ems / contract manufacturing

    名字的變更是由於我們公司將來將著重於ems /合同製造。
  4. This grander vision is what europe ' s leaders should be describing to their voters ? not making future expansion of the club dependent on an internal quarrel over its constitution

  5. Such allegedly pro - growth policies would not only fail to deliver growth ; they would threaten the entire vision of china ' s future