• g: 1. generator. 2. German. 3. Germany. 4. giga 十億。5. Gossypium 棉屬。6. grid. 7. Gulf. 8. 【軍事】 gun.


  1. Theorem 3. 3 if g is c ( p ) - group and p is an odd prime, then the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理3 3若g是…群且屍是奇素數,則g 』是初等阿貝爾p群
  2. It is important in the degradation of plant cell walls in living plants ( e. g. in leaf abscission )

    在生活植物體的細胞壁的降解過程中起重要的作用(如葉子脫落) 。
  3. Samara a nut or achene whose pericarp is extended to form a wing for wind dispersal, e. g. ash ( fraxinus excelsior )

    翅果:指堅果或瘦果中果皮延伸成翼狀,以利於風媒傳播的果實類型。如白蠟樹的果實(歐洲白蠟樹) 。
  4. Pneumatophore ( aerophore ; breathing root ) a specialized negatively geotropic root produced by certain aquatic vascular plants ( especially trees such as mangroves, e. g

    呼吸根:指由某種水生維管植物產生的特化的負向地性根(尤其如紅樹,如海桑屬) ,在土壤之上生長良好。
  5. And this method can be divided into agglomerative and divisive hierarchical method with the time complexity of o ( n ) according to the decomposition process, e. g

    根據層次的分解如何形成,層次的方法又分為凝聚的和分裂的方法,如birch演算法。其計算其復雜度為o ( n ) 。