n. 名詞 (pl. -men) 美國聯邦調查局(FBI)的調查員,密探 (= Government man)。

  • g: 1. generator. 2. German. 3. Germany. 4. giga 十億。5. Gossypium 棉屬。6. grid. 7. Gulf. 8. 【軍事】 gun.
  • man: n (pl men )1 〈無冠詞、單數〉人,人類;【生物學】人科。2 男人;大人,成年男子;男子漢,大丈夫;...
  1. H. g. wells "invisible man" was invisible and untraceable.

  2. Except the recollection of the line of politics his father had adopted, and which might interfere, unless he acted with the greatest prudence, with his own career, g rard de villefort was as happy as a man could be

  3. An introduction to some basic ideas of western culture about nature, man, and god ; the hebrew, greek, christian and modern view of life and history, individual and community, etc. through a study of selected religious, philosophical and literary classics ( e. g. the old and the new testaments, plato ' s republic )

  4. Do you know that fantastic book by h. g. wells, the invisible man

  5. At present, traffic transiting the area north of exchange square has to travel along the already congested roads and junctions e. g. man po street, man yiu street, man cheung man yiu street junction