n. 名詞 【地質學;地理學】輝長巖。
gabbroic adj. 形容詞


    1. Petrological characteristics and tectonic implications of the tahe gabbro in the northern part of the great xing ' an range

    2. All these ductile shear zones are characterized by northward thrusting. the u - pb dating on zircons from the bedded gabbro of the qimanyuter ophiolite melange gives an age of 526 ? 1 ma ( early cambrian )

      在其曼于特蛇綠巖的層狀細粒輝長巖中獲得了鋯石u - pb年齡值為526 1ma (早寒武世) ,它被晚奧陶世花崗巖侵入。
    3. The massive sulfide contains fragments of barren and mineralized gabbro, and schist.

    4. The results of combined internal mineral separates and whole - rock sm - nd isochron age for gabbro dikes from : luobusha, angren and xiubugabu in yarlung zangpo ophilite zone are 177ma, 166ma and 173ma respectively. the 4lar - 39ar step heating spectra of rikangba ophiolite suggest that its formation age is also isoma. it indicates that there was a stronger regionally inagmatism during middle - early jurassic, and the time of i75ma was the main period of the magmatic event of yarlung zangpo ophilite

      對鄔郁盆地嘎扎村組火山巖剖面的年代學研究表明,該區后碰撞期火山巖的~ ( 40 ) ar - ~ ( 39 ) ar年齡為12 ? 14ma ,侵入其中的花崗巖脈的~ ( 40 ) ar - ~ ( 39 ) ar年齡為10 . 84ma ,與岡底斯西段前人研究資料對比,認為岡底斯帶后碰撞火山巖時代有自西向東逐漸年輕的趨勢。
    5. We deduce that it is a relic old crust that was brought upwards during the formation of neo - tethyan ophiolite. the step heating 40ar - ' 9ar spectra show that during 100ma, luobusha ophiolite suffered intensely alternation, which affected distinctly the k - ar system ; during 771ma some basalt formed in the country rock of xiubugabu ophiolite ; during 55ma, the pillow basalt of rikangba ophiolite affected by a strong thermal event ; all the variety of ages illustrates possible impacts of the subduction - collision between india and eurasia. through dissecting mainly the gabbro of luobusa ophiolite and studying the 40ar / 39ar

      ~ ( 40 ) ar ~ ( 39 ) ar階段升溫年齡圖譜顯示, 100ma左右羅布莎巖體經歷了較強的後期蝕變作用,對其k ? ar體系造成明顯影響; 77 1ma休古嘎布巖體圍巖中形成玄武質火山集塊巖; 55ma日康巴巖體巖石枕狀玄武巖受到較強熱事件影響;這些~ ( 40 ) ar - ~ ( 39 ) ar年齡上的變化顯示了印度板塊與歐亞板塊俯沖?碰撞對該區的強烈影響。