gable window中文意思是什麼

gable window解釋

  • gable: n. 【建築】山墻,三角墻;三角形的建築部分。
  • window: n 1 窗;窗口,窗戶;窗扉,窗框;窗玻璃;(商店的)櫥窗;【計算機】窗口〈電腦視頻顯示器屏幕上的視...

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  1. Instead, the portlet container provides a custom id generation mechanism that takes into account render parameters, portlet modes, window states, and the mime - type

    Portlet容器轉而提供了一個自定義id生成機制,將帳戶呈現參數、 portlet模型、窗口狀態以及mime - type包含在內。
  2. Our " standard " product line includes cylindrical lenses, lenses, plano - convex cylindrical lenses, plano - concave cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, prism, filter, window, achromatic lenses and reflector etc

  3. He got home pretty late that night, and when he climbed cautiously in at the window, he uncovered an ambuscade, in the person of his aunt ; and when she saw the state his clothes were in her resolution to turn his saturday holiday into captivity at hard labor became adamantine in its firmness

  4. Open the window and let in some fresh air.

  5. In second floor ' s esthetical living space, large area ground impact window attracts sunlight freely ; air corridor ' s unique design gives intimate exchange between a couple ; every detailed design is a scene of love intrigue plotted by the designer with meticulous love