n. 名詞 〈口語〉1. 小機件,小配件;小裝置。
2. 新發明,小玩意兒。
3. 〈比喻〉詭計,圈套。


    1. In a nation of gadget lovers, a ban on reselling old appliances has everyone from musicians and artists to thrift shop owners up in arms

    2. We can do it automatic, just call out go go gadget i ll be your everything,

    3. It would actually be less realistic if he always had the right spell on the tip of his tongue, sort of like the way james bond always has the perfect gadget at the right moment

    4. The gadget would monitor the user ' s walking style and check it against the saved information. if the values differ, the user would have to enter a password

    5. Buyer ' s guide ? a navigator around the aftermarket, calling for a healthy auto consumption environment and culture, including : market guide, gadget, tuning, hi - fi, drive travel, and other columns

      消費指南? ?汽車後市場及用品的全方位展示,倡導汽車文化和引導消費的強勢欄目,包括:導購、酷玩、超級改裝、發燒音響、自駕游等欄目。