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  • gag: n 1 塞口的東西,(牲畜的)口銜。2 對言論自由的壓制;(議會)限制辯論時間,終止辯論。3 【醫學】張...
  • lever: n 利弗〈姓氏〉。n 1 桿,杠。 a ball lever 浮球桿。 a brake lever 閘桿。 a control lever 控制桿。 ...

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  1. In this paper, ackerman steering linkage of double - wishbone suspension is taken as the study object, choosing the splitting joint and steering lever joint to carry out the design of optimization the mathematics models are established based on the multi - body system dynamics, applying its analysis method of kinematics to study the mechanism kinetic principles owing to more spatial factors considered, and calling off many hypotheses affecting the accuracy, compared with the traditional methods, the models are better to reflect the realistic motion principles, the results are more exact and applicable moreover, the force analysis is applied to the conduct mechanism the analysis method of dynamics in the multi - body dynamics is applied to study the forces applied on every component, working out the constraint reaction force of up and down ball joints, and developing the current computation program in the end, produce the upper wishbone geometry model in the ansys software package, meshing and carrying out the fea, testifying if the intensity of the wishbone meet with the requirements

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