gage error中文意思是什麼

gage error解釋

  • gage: n 1 抵押品,擔保品。2 (表示挑戰扔下的)帽子[手套等];挑戰,挑釁。vt 〈古語〉以…作抵押;以…打賭。...
  • error: n. 1. 錯誤;失錯。2. 謬見,誤想;誤信;誤解。3. 罪過。4. 【數學】誤差;【法律】誤審,違法;(棒球中的)錯打。adj. -less 無錯誤的,正確的。

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  1. Superficially it is quite safe to phase advance an accelerometer signal as the error signal has been filtered by the servo and the alrframe transfer function.

  2. The accident was caused by human error.

  3. Finally, the controller working based on the combination of rbf neural networks and traditional pid control was applied to in aclinic kinetic machinery and lifting machinery of tower crane. the simulation of this controller was made using matlab, and the simulation results showed that the control system has some merits, such as quick response, little overshoot, well anti - jamming capacity, and little steady - state error, etc. both the dynamic property and static characteristic of this controller are better than traditional pid controller, and meet the tower crane

  4. Method to allow the adapter to handle the error

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