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  1. They stretch out, the matte green of their leaves conveying what it would be like to touch them, to run your finger down the blade and feel the rough resistance of these durable plants ' skin : the gama grass, rough hair grass and broom beard grass

  2. Application of gama globulin intravenously for treatment of 40 children with severe pneumonia

  3. The portal makes a call via web services to the cacl service running on the gama server

  4. For example, an implementer of gama may want to authenticate using the existing ldap infrastructure

    例如, gama的一個實現可能會希望使用現有的ldap基礎設施來進行身份驗證。
  5. Zico was ronaldo ' s idol. when ronaldo was 9 years old, his father took him to watch his idol the first time playing against vasco da gama at maracana stadium