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  • gas: n (pl gases )1 氣,氣體,氣態 〈cf fluid; solid〉 2 可燃氣,煤氣,沼氣;【礦物】瓦斯。3 【軍事...
  • collection: n. 1. 收集,採集;集團,收集品,珍藏;(收藏豐富的)美術館。2. 徵收,收款;征稅;捐款;募捐。3. 〈pl. 〉(牛津大學等各學院的)學期考試。
  • cap: n 1 無邊帽,便帽;制服帽;軍帽;頭巾。2 鞘,(筆)套,蓋,罩子;(鞋)尖。3 【建築】柱頭;【礦物...

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  1. The cdc and a biological sample company, the american type culture collection ( atcc ), sent strains of all the germs iraq used to make weapons, including anthrax, the bacteria that make botulinum toxin and the germs that cause gas gangrene, the records show

    記錄顯示, cdc和一家生化樣品公司atcc輸送了伊拉克用來製造武器的所有菌種,包括炭疽菌、肉毒桿菌毒素細菌和能產生壞疽毒氣的細菌。
  2. Artificial gas cap

  3. Exhaust gas collection equipment

  4. By analyzing reserve forming conditions of high evolution marine strata, including types of hydrocarbon source, the structural evolution, the condition of preservation and so on, it is considered that under the background of intensive structural movements, the " second " compensatory capabilities of the hydrocarbon source in the middle and lower yangtze region and regional preservation conditions would be the major factors to control the enriched oil and gas collection in this region

  5. Plain computed tomography was a very useful instrument in determining the location of the gas collection, fracture site, and tension on the brain