gas-drying apparatus中文意思是什麼

gas-drying apparatus解釋

  • gas: n (pl gases )1 氣,氣體,氣態 〈cf fluid; solid〉 2 可燃氣,煤氣,沼氣;【礦物】瓦斯。3 【軍事...
  • drying: 干化
  • apparatus: n (pl apparatus(es))1 器具,裝置,設備,機器,器械,儀器。2 (身體上的)器官。3 政治機構,機...

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  1. Gas liquid chromatogram apparatus

  2. Our company has already have valve for more than ten yearses which have produced history, it is to collect designing, produce, sell the integrated professional enterprise. professional research and developments, make, sell all kinds of copper valve, gas apparatus, gas fittings, water warm ones, in charge of connecting one and five metals fittings, etc

  3. Firstly, the tio2 thin films are deposited by dc reactive magnetron sputtering apparatus, and characterlized by n & k analyzer1200, x - ray diffraction spectroscopy ( xrd ), scanning electronic microscopy ( sem ), alpha - step500. and it was analyzed that the effect on performance and structure of films with the change of argon flow, total gas pressure, the substrate - to - target distance and temperature

    第一、應用穩定的直流磁控濺射設備制備tio2減反射薄膜並通過n & kanalyzer1200薄膜光學分析儀、 x射線衍射分析( xrd ) 、掃描電子顯微鏡( sem ) 、 alpha - step500型臺階儀等儀器對薄膜進行表徵,分析氧分壓、總氣壓、工作溫度、靶基距等制備工藝參數對薄膜性能結構的影響。
  4. Evolved gas detection apparatus

  5. Vacuum drying apparatus